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Raised together since they were cubs, Tiger brothers, Budahshay and Bailey, were part of 24 animals suffering from declining care at an animal rescue facility in Spearfish, South Dakota.  Accepting both domestic and exotic animals, the facility began to suffer from overcrowding and mismanagement.  As a result, the USDA stepped in when many of the exotic animals showed signs of being undernourished.  Because the facility’s director was initially unwilling to surrender the animals, the USDA was prepared to legally confiscate the affected animals.  However, at the last minute the director acquiesced and the animals were surrendered to The Wild Animal Sanctuary.  Now these majestic cats live unprecedented lives of freedom on 35 acres of forested habitat at The Wild Animal Refuge and never have to worry about having enough food again.

Budashay's story premiered on July 19th - watch below


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