Voices of Freedom

Budahshay the Tiger

 Premiere Online Event 

Tuesday, July 19th | 6pm MT 

This Live Event is now over - yet you can watch the recorded version below.


This special event is being produced for everyone who would like to participate in the World Premiere of our latest Voices of Freedom feature story - Budahshay The Tiger.  Witness the incredible journey of two Tigers and one male African Lion as they find themselves being used and abused by a whole cast of shady characters who truly only care how they might profit from the beauty and majesty of these innocent creatures.

Thankfully, their journey takes an amazing turn for the better as they are rescued and brought to live at The Wild Animal Sanctuary.

Join us (in the window above) as we also revisit the story of another incredible rescue involving a Black Leopard named Jumanji - as well as debut a special video that features our efforts in building the most natural and expansive habitats possible for the animals living at our 9,752-acre Refuge in southern Colorado.


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Habitat Construction


See the amazing progress & join us as we turn the page to the next chapter of building more large-acre natural habitats at The Wild Animal Refuge...

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An Online Virtual Event Space for The Wild Animal Sanctuary

Take a Walk Into The Wild with 650+ Lions, Tigers, Bears, and other rescued animals as we explore our work through the lens of life changing virtual events. All online events are free and are dedicated to helping the animals. Please feel free to learn more about us - The Wild Animal Sanctuary - and don't forget to invite others to share in these incredible stories together.


Tiger King Rescue

Premiered Live - November 4th, 2021


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This event was produced by Stage2Studios and The Wild Animal Sanctuary in response the hundreds of animals that had to be rescued from a number of the "Tiger King" characters - as well as the countless others that continue to wait for the day when they too will be freed from a life of exploitation and misery. Although the event only lasted 55 minutes, with the amazing help of thousands of generous viewers, we were able to raise over $600,000 for the animals!​ This truly incredible feat was due in part to the highly insightful content that was shared throughout the broadcast - but also due to the immense compassion that each viewer felt as the real story behind these Tiger Kingdoms came to light. If you were unable to watch the event live as it unfolded that evening, we invite you to view the recorded version here. Each animal's story remains immensely important to learn about, as well as pass on to others, so please take the time to watch the recording and share it with your friends, family and colleagues.